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“FDT” doesn’t just walk it; it pops, locks, and swaggers.

Like “God Save the Queen” before it, the track works first and best as music on its own terms, an austere and sharp-edged trunk-rattler that packs the perfect combination of seduction and menace.

True universal press molds use equal pressure across the entire surface of each deck ensuring a centered, consistently even, lasting concave.

Two X-Bands make each deck stiff and strong, but also allows just enough flex for maximum pop and response.

Understandably, many people were upset that Beyoncé did not win these awards, particularly as this is the third time she has missed out. She then talked about being in Grade 6 and performing the Destiny’s Child song ‘No No No’ at a school assembly. ” Adele then expertly mentioned that “the Grammys are very traditional”(i.e.

Adele is a more ‘traditional’ choice than Beyoncé, for obvious reasons) but that even she thought that “this would be the year that they kind of go with the tide”.

Believing that performance and feel of your deck is important – duh- we set out to make the best boards for skateboarders.

Nipsey Hussle’s verse in particular is a master class in sloganeering (“Look, Reagan sold coke, Obama sold hope/ Donald Trump spent his trust fund money on the vote”), soul-of-wit brusqueness (“I’m from a place where you probably can’t go/ speakin’ for some people that you probably ain’t know”), and evocative wordplay (“You build walls? Perhaps the best aspect of “FDT” is that, like another great presidential diss track that came before it, Stevie Wonder’s Nixon-taunting “You Haven’t Done Nothin’ ” (No.

1/ Congressional investigators want to question Trump’s personal secretary as part of their ongoing probe into the meeting between Trump Jr. Rhona Graff worked at Trump Tower for nearly 30 years.

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