Blacklist dating schemes

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Among the variations on this type of scam are the Nigerian Letter (or 419 fraud).

The most visible form of advance fee fraud today is the Nigerian Letter or 419 fraud, named after the section of the Nigerian criminal code that it violates.

In all cases the plea for financial assistance is the key to the scam.

This can be for assistance in cashing a check that they are unable to cash themselves and also asking for financial assistance to help them out of a difficulty they are having.

From a new online national business names registration service has replaced the state and territory services.

Fair Trading no longer administers business names in NSW.

The scammer weaves a story of a successful business person working over seas, having no family; they present themselves as a thoughtful, caring and loving individual who is looking for their soul mate.

Many people mistakenly confuse these with Romance Scams.How the Scam Works: Scammers are on dating sites, and social networks setting up fake profiles.Scammers will pose under the disguise of beautiful pictures as either male or female claiming to be from the United States.The company has run six hotels, nine apartments, two resorts and several tourist spots including animal farms in Sadao district, with an investment value of 2 billion baht, according to police.MBI International has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market MBI International affiliate membership itself.

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