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The first show of its kind in the UK, it allows viewers to communicate live with female presenters via a premium-rate telephone number or text messaging.

It is broadcast daily, and since 2006 has had a dedicated channel on Sky.

I would really like to improve my Portuguese whilst also helping anyone who would like to improve or study English. I can speak some very basic Japanese and know hiragana and katakana and some kanji, I want to improve my Japanese. I Hope we can share our knowledge :)Hello~ I have just moved to Seoul in order to teach English to children here.

Anyone wishing to improve their English can email me, does not matter what language you speak. I am using this to look for friends to hang out with and to language exchange Korean or Chinese with. ^.^FOR ARABIC SPEAKERS PREFERABLY IN LONDON, UK I'm having no time to study or for conversation exchange at the moment but always happy to hear from you. I'm a London-based lawyer and advisor, and would like to improve my ARABIC with a native speaker, preferably someone who lives in London, UK I can help you with Italian and maybe with English as well, should you need it.

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Babestation (Sky ch 906), (Freesat ch 870) Smile TV 3 (Freeview ch 177 (-)) Babestation Xtra (Get Lucky TV (Sky ch 908)) Babestation Blue (Lucky Star (Sky ch 909)), Babestation Xtreme (online) previously Game Network UK, You TV, Game Network Italia Babestation is a British TV sex line which has aired since 2002.

The presenter might alternate between the three women throughout the show.

I work as a teacher of Mathematics in a secondary school, so I would be able to use my teaching experience to help you.

I have been to Brazil on 7 occasions and I speak some Portuguese.

Find English practice partners for English language exchanges or tandems in our large global community.

Use text, audio, or video for English conversation practice with English native speakers.

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