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There was also another table of guys sitting near by. You like to fuck while being watched by your hubby? She rode him to his own orgasm, he was laying on his back and supporting her by holding her hips, when he came, he pulled out and splashed his heavy white mess all over her tummy!I saw them exchanging comments and remarks about my wife. Pushing him off, once he had cum, she went over to Benito and grabbed his own massive dick, fondling it.

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When we finished eating Carmella said she would be right back and got up and headed toward the table of guys. ” Then he grunted, she fell down on her knees in front of him. ” “You want this cock, babe” he demonstrated his massive cock to her. “I know you’ve been preparing for my pussy for a while,” she said to him, looking at his cock hungrily.

I watched as she bent over and was talking to them. He started jacking off furiously, I could see Tommy’s balls tightened and his cum shot into her sluttish face! ” He fucked her harder as her climax spilled over his dick, her hips bucking wildly until she completed her orgasm. She gripped her hand around his 8” manhood and began to stroke it up and down slowly, up and down!

While we were eating I noticed some of the guys sitting at the opposite table were looking over at Carmella and talking among themselves.

I told Carmella and she looked over at them and gave them one of her sexy smiles she always drove men wild. ” That sent her over the edge, and Carmella began to cum in another intense orgasm on his cock.

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