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The story is difficult to watch due to a number of harrowing scenes, but those working on the film claim that in reality the situation was much worse.

) is not a film that is well known among western audiences, but after its release in the 1970s is became hugely successful in communist states – it even became China’s most popular foreign film of the decade.

The smoke screen still lies with blaming the member states and claiming the UN has no control over disciplinary measures or prosecutions of peacekeepers from contributing states. The cases involved the officers from many foreign countries, including the USA, Pakistan, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, government contractors, and local organized criminals.Oh and by the way, Kosovo now hosts the largest US military base in Europe.PS: War criminals aren't just those with the "kalashnikov" in their hand, shooting and raping women. It is based on the true story of a woman who worked as a UN peacekeeper in Bosnia during the civil war, and discovered a sex trafficking scandal that had been covered up by the UN.She was later dismissed after bringing the issue to light, but took the story to the press.

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