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With over 100 articles to browse through, you can learn about finding a partner, starting a relationship, working out problems, and finding happiness and love with your partner.

Online dating tips are available for men as well as women, for all stages of relationships.

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Hope everyone is wrapping the year up on a good note. Even just answering a couple questions or adding a new line in your profile will bump you back up and more chicks will likely see your profile. I used to think that if a chick didn’t have pics on her profile she looked like ass. I decided to message all the women in my area who didn’t have pics.

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All Online Dating Websites If you're getting ready to date, get ready to shop.

Or ones who don’t want people at their workplace to see them on the site. An added bonus of going after this group is they receive significantly fewer messages. After a few messages I just ask them to send a pic.

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Before you take the time to compose your message, look through her profile and try to view things from her perspective. Of course you’re great, but are you a great match for her? Don’t look at her profile to see if she has logged in.

When you’re shopping, you can pick out whatever you like and make it yours.

It is important to remember that online dating is not the same as online shopping.

Write to people who are looking for someone like you.

If she can’t see what you really look like, you’re not going to get her phone number.2.

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