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Women who have one first-degree relative with breast cancer, diagnosed under the age of 40 or two first or second-degree relatives with breast cancer diagnosed over the age of 50, also have a slightly increased risk.

According to Macmillan Cancer, if a woman has only have one relative who was middle-aged or elderly when they developed ovarian cancer, or a relative with breast or ovarian cancer on each side of the family, a woman’s risk may not be significantly increased.

I LOVE THE OLD CHARACTERS, but not so much the new ones. In the sixth season of Degrassi, here are some things that happen.

Charlotte, who was adopted by the actor after he married her mother, leaves behind her husband, artist Alex Smith, and children Isabella, 15, and eight-year-old Lucas.

However, she says she isn't ruling out a return in the future, so fingers crossed that we'll get to see her on screen again soon.

; and, from her Instagram page, it seems like she's definitely living her best life, attending music festivals and frequently posting pictures alongside her loving boyfriend.

In 15 years, Degrassi’s characters have overcome more than a usual share of disasters, ranging anywhere from starting your first period, or getting a boner in class, to suicide and murder.Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: The intensity is off the charts in the sixth season and Degrassi Community school will never be the same!Nobody is prepared for the drama that threatens to tear people apart.By Season Four’s “Anywhere I Lay My Head,” Caroline’s drinking has gotten significantly worse—on one such bender, she passes out, and her negligence results in a house fire.was a phenomenon, spanning 14 seasons, 373 episodes, and literally hundreds of actors throughout its 15 year run.

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