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'They must have used a film set for the inside.' Even the visitors' book is brimming with disappointment. trail - the church, the bay where the cast danced on the jetty, the trees where Sophie enjoyed a picnic with her three 'fathers'. - we don't want our island to change because of a film,' says mayor Hristos Vasiloudis, who is sitting in his sunny office in a pink, short-sleeved shirt and jeans.'We have culture, architecture, ancient history and pride.I like a bit of everything and when it comes to ABBA, well, when I started rehearsals I realised I knew all these songs. The audience are part of the narrative so are free to join in.

Indeed, something's so wrong that the moment most visitors pass through the heavy wooden doors, the singing stops and the recriminations begin. I am on Skopelos, the tiny Greek island once known for its scented pine trees, olives, dried white plums and peace and quiet... The Movie is a film based on the fantastically successful West End show of the same name, and stars Meryl Streep, Piers Brosnan and Julie Walters. A raft of Abba hits worked into a cheesy plot about a girl who tries to uncover the identity of her biological father - her mum (played by Meryl Streep) was quite a goer in her day - by secretly inviting the three candidates to her wedding on the un-spoilt fictional Greek island of Kalokairi.

I’m originally from Solihull, and my reasons for moving here originally were relationship based and then I just never left.

It’s so easy to get to the West End and I ended up falling in love with Kent. It’s always better to leave something with fond memories than when you’ve had enough.

'It's very pretty, but it's all wrong,' says Carla Stone, 23, from Australia. It is just over a year since the film was released and, despite a steely determination that their island will 'never do a Captain Corelli' - nearby Kefalonia, where Captain Corelli's Mandolin was filmed, was mobbed in the wake of that film's release in 2001 - it's clear that life will never be quite the same again for the 4,969 Skopelites. There is no Hollywoodisation of the island, in fact, no tasteless tat at all. bar, run by a lugubrious man called Demetri - who was Brosnan's driver during the filming - and dismissed as 'tacky' by many locals.

'There are no pews, and the altar's weird.' 'It's tiny! 'There's barely room for Meryl Streep, let alone the three dads and all the wedding guests.' 'We've seen the film eight times and have come all the way from Warsaw especially, so this is very upsetting,' says Karl, 28. The islanders' official policy has always been maximum friendliness and minimal Mamma Mia! Oh, and a smart signpost at each sacred stop on the Mamma Mia!

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