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If you don't even know each other's last names, it seems a bit premature to call it after only one date. You've barely swallowed your first bite of spinach dip and he's asking you how long you plan on waiting before you have kids or if you want to get married.

Call me old fashioned, but the clingier the guy is, the more suspect I am. Women seem to get blamed for asking some version of this question too early on, but guys are guilty of it, too. I finally had to pretend I had dinner with my mom to end what was the longest date of my life.)5. He barely knows you so why is he mad that you are going away for graduate school in the fall and not willing to "give the relationship a fair chance? He calls you his girlfriend.' Nuff said.__Have you ever encountered an insta-boyfriend?

It never gets you what you want and only escalates over time.

Different relationships go through several processes. And people will encounter different people who look at relationships in many different ways.

If so, that’s fine if you’re 13, but if you’re still doing it at 33, then you need to slow down and stop fantastizing too soon about the guys you are dating or crushing on.I wrote all this out then realized you might not have met this guy face to face yet.If that's the case, I vote for dropping him now.You can be dignified and assertive at the same time. Do you show the kind of interest and respect that you would like to receive? Relationships are mutual things and there should be a balance."1.5 month" isn't very long."I know I talked about my supervisor's temper before, but this is an ongoing problem for me."Alternatively, you can look at whether or not you are contributing to his attitude. You may have different expectations of your relationship. If he got bored in a few weeks, imagine what he'll be like in a year.

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