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In the last decade, independent publishing rapidly grew, with many emerging publishers utilising new technologies and the ability to produce books on small scales and at low costs.

Antenne Books was realised as a distribution platform against this background, initiated to support the large growth of these emerging publishers, who at the time had limited means to distribute their work using traditional models of book distribution.

He proposed at a concert during a performance of their favourite song – and, of course, Odette said yes! Elske & Norman Image credit: Cheryl Mc Ewan Sweethearts Elske and Norman first met and found a connection at their local church.

He proposed when the two of them went on a hiking trail and they got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

View their gallery and story here Odette & Duane Image credit: Tyrone Kzerf These two lovebirds met at a party, where he tried his luck with a memorable pick up line.

The couple, who both share a love of adventure and first met in France, planned their wedding while they were in the UK, and both had their heart set on a South African wedding.

Not the outline sketch of a half naked lady on the side of the Lux soapflakes packet in the kitchen, not the photographs of half-naked breasts in the copy of Parade I kept stacked inside my chemistry set, not the shadowy naked ladies who appeared as illustrations in the Sunday Dispatch's serialisation of Forever Amber.

Hollywood in Soho What I was about to see would be even better than Jane Russell's breasts in The Outlaw and Jennifer Jones' breasts when she came up out of the water in Duel in the Sun.

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It took a few years of bumping into each other at a mutual friend’s parties before Ryan finally asked her on a date.

As a dog, Bazooka isn’t able to express, in words at least, how dreamy this living situation is. On top of that, “because the food’s so good, he’s probably eating more of it than he should,” says Williams.

If your mom was a pastry chef and your dad a two-time James Beard Award nominee, wouldn’t you? Beagles tend to be a “highly food-motivated” breed, says Bazooka’s vet, Dr.

From tales of the first meeting (interestingly enough, not all of them hit it off at first), to the romantic and swoon-worthy proposals, I’m almost always moved by the stories of how it all comes together. Witnessing the utter joy on the faces of the couples and their guests when their big day finally arrives. This year we’ve received some beautiful photos from our readers. Cecilia & Phil Image credit: Rhianka’s photography We love this couple’s gorgeous bushveld-inspired wedding and photo shoot.

Fast forward a few years and two kids later, the couple decided to get married.

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