Updating home hub dan receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

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I believe it was last October or beginning of November.

Anyway, flashing one at a time is good if you want to test.

Can anyone help me solve this problem, what am I missing? FYI - The BT Smart Hub 6 supports UPn P and I have several other devices connected in this way.

I thought Plex Server was UPn P, so I'm not sure why the hub can't see this?

If the main is "stable" and causes few problems, the "rescue" one can be updated later.

Anyway, it's only a fallback firmware to prevent "dead" modems that would need to be replaced. Side note: The installer said that for Gigabit Fibe, Bell provisions 1.4 Gbps down and 120 Mbps up, which makes sense since the modem internally benches at 1.29 Gbps / 115 Mbps. Also, I was told somewhere along the way that changing from the default login password on the modem will prevent firmware from updating automatically, but no idea if that's true.

If you’re a BT Broadband customer with a Home Hub 3, Home Hub 4 or Home Hub 5 router, you may experience some errors when trying to use your Chromecast device.

updating home hub-67

updating home hub-88

updating home hub-85

updating home hub-29

No, this is a major upgrade from its predecessor, the Home Hub 5, that’s a compelling reason for BT customers to recontract. See also: Best 802.11ac routers to buy Here’s the good part. Or at least it is if you’re a new BT customer: you’ll get a free Smart Hub included in your broadband package.

The Smart Hub has more antennae – seven to be precise – which generate better Wi-Fi coverage – and it also supports MU-MIMO.

Unfortunately this isn’t switched on yet, but will be in a future software update.

My installer implied that the firmware updates generally happen with reboots, as in the unit will look for a new update after a reboot. the agent said he would open a ticket to have it upgraded, and advised me to wait about 1 week before rebooting the modem (which I doubt is necessary). Also asked this same agent about the broken DMZ issue and he confirmed they are aware and supposedly still working on it.

Thanks, I called Bell tonight to ask them to push the firmware.

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