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Female sex workers and homeless drug addicts in Tehran should be "convinced" to undergo sterilization "to prevent social problems," a deputy provincial governor in the Iranian capital said on Sunday.

"These women deal drugs, consume drugs and also work as sex workers," Siavash Shahrivar told the ILNA news agency.

Seven hours later Mr Netanyahu seemed to have changed his mind about how much he was interested in the sex education of the Iranian people, and unfollowed the feed.

But that wasn’t fast enough to stop a large number of eagle-eyed tweeters taking and sharing screenshots, and Iranian users particularly seemed to enjoy having a joke at the Israeli leader’s expense.

This is the second time in a week that Iranians have taken the opportunity to mock Mr Netanyahu on social media.

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Iranian nuclear scientist Ali Akbar Salehi was mentioned in Nisman's report as being among the back-channel negotiators who reportedly wanted to clear the names of Iranians from an Interpol database.

"The sterilization should be done through a project to convince homeless women to prevent social harm," he added.

Last week, when images of homeless men and women sleeping in open graves outside Tehran shocked Iranian society, a cartoonist said on social media that the women must be sterilized because they give birth to children with "weak genes".

He later apologized and said the women should be given consultation for sterilization "with their own approval." The controversy quickly turned into a political football with conservative media accusing Shahindokht Molaverdi, vice president for women's affairs, of advocating the sterilzsation of homeless women -- which she denies.

In April Molaverdi said the government "has not yet offered any specific plans for sterilization of homeless women" and such plans should be "proposed and reviewed by the Health Ministry".

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