Carbon dating pros

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We can finally assess (sort of) the carbon tax in Australia.It ran for two years from July 2012 to July 2014 and cost Australians nearly billion.The Greens are excited, but neither the journalists or the Greens have looked at the numbers.

It just didn’t exist, as a choice, before Ecotricity.Like most official statistics the emissions data gets adjusted year after year, and often by 1 – 2%.We won’t really know what our emissions were, or what the fall was, for years to come… Spot the effect of the Australian carbon tax in the graph of emissions by sector below. The falls in electricity emissions started long before the carbon tax (and probably have more to do with the global financial crisis, a government unfriendly to small business, and the wild subsidies offered for solar power).Here's what our Public Affairs Office released about these changes.The public's recognition of global warming has driven lawmakers around the world to negotiate greenhouse-gas reductions.

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