Updating ford sync

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Wi-Fi enabled vehicles can perform Sync 3 updates automatically, much like a smartphone.The system will check for updates when it is connected to a wireless network, and download and install the new software.Customers must upgrade their USB hubs in order to receive Apple Car Play support.Android Auto support is available with the existing hardware.Clearly this is not quite so easy with an in-car system, so I was wondering how the maps get updated. Ford have clearly set themselves up a nice little cash cow here - my lifetime subscription to Garmin updates cost about £70!Any Ford dealer will sell you a special* SD card, - Rates were selling 2012 version last July.2013, version V3 is available.*according to the internet, pirated copies don't work. - and similarly this is linked to the serial number of the unit so cannot be applied to more than one device.Ford Siri with SYNC is no longer supported for Automatic.For instructions on how to update your Ford vehicle to the latest version of SYNC that works with Siri, please see this Ford blog post. Adam Altman, Head of Product at Automatic: Over the last few months, there have been a number of inquiries about the state of our Ford SYNC with Siri feature and its future plans—specifically for it coming to our second generation hardware.

For Car Play, users will still also need to upgrade their vehicle’s USB hub to make this work (which will also incur a dealer visit and a cost), but for those on Android, all that’s required is a simple software installation.Can anyone tell me what procedure is used to update the Sony Sat Nav in the Focus?I have previously used a Garmin which had lifetime map updates - and all that was necessary was to plug it into a laptop periodically and load the updates.The USB install method is also faster, but the Wi-Fi update option is the start of the company’s efforts to really increase its OTA update program, which will be used for security improvements as well as infotainment bumps.Even with a dealer visit and hardware upgrade for Car Play, this sounds like a worthwhile thing for 2016 vehicle owners to do. most in-car software, offering navigation and entertainment options that follow you from your phone to your car.

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