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The special’s called and was filmed in Mulaney’s recently new home: New York City. Mulaney had been a writer for SNL for years but he had never actually called New York City his home, though living there for work and traveling around when he was not working. Enter in John Mulaney, an Irish born Catholic from Chicago who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s. Mulaney had 2 lawyers for parents, so his childhood was considered rather strict at times, at least in his mind. Why do first dates seem to be an endless cycle of grabbing drinks or (gasp! While diners don’t offer super fancy meals, they’re certainly good at setting a relaxed, fun tone.

But there’s something unappealing about doing the same song and dance with each new dating prospect. And it shouldn’t make you feel forced into making unhealthy choices (like boozing every night for a week straight), or even worse: bored. Sure, wine tasting at a wine shop or restaurant is super fun. Sitting at a coffee shop can be a little drab, but picking up a coffee and walking around the neighborhood can make it that much better. It’s a great way to build up adrenaline, have some laughs, and soak up the sun while at it.A new study published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature could rewrite the conventional timeline of early human migration.The study’s authors reported that they discovered a set of 47 fossilized human teeth embedded in the floor of a massive limestone cave system in the Daoxian region of southern China.Not to mention, who wants to wake up hungover after hanging out with someone you didn’t hit it off with (especially if there isn’t even a good story to share)? These 29 alternative first date ideas will get you out of your comfort zone, into some fun, and at the very least have you and your possible new boo bonding over the experience. One person is responsible for drinks and the other brings along bites, pick a fun location (a park, riverside, or really anywhere with a nice view), and chat it up about your love for cheese or obsession with the latest whiskey concoction. But do you want to spend on the only bottle of wine you actually enjoyed? Instead, have each person bring their two favorite types of wine (make it even more fun by setting a price limit), meet at a park, and pretend to write the description on the back of wine bottles when you try each type. Try it with beer, champagne, or anything else you fancy. Tip: Pick a neighborhood you’re both unfamiliar with to make it more of an adventure. The days of scavenger hunts may feel long over, but they don’t have to be. Simply make a list of a few things you’ve been dying to try (don’t be afraid to get creative), and head out to find and experience them all.Heck, use them for any type of date—first and beyond! Though optimal for warmer months, it could even be fun to bring spiked hot chocolate in a thermos and stroll through the snow. )Cooking is always a great alternative to going out, but it can feel a bit awkward going to a stranger’s home on the first date. Sitting down for a long meal can feel stuffy—especially on the first date. (We suggest snacking on a baked good too.)OK, trespassing may not be the best suggestion on this list, but it can certainly be fun. You can make it as simple or complicated as desired, and you can always throw in the towel and grab a drink if needed—alone with each other.

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