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PHOTOS: Friendly celebrity exes Us Weekly confirmed earlier this month that Brinkley and Mellencamp, 63, were in the beginning stages of a burgeoning romance.

The gorgeous supermodel and the actor were snapped in early September on their first date together. " a source close to Brinkley and Mellencamp told Us.

He has sold more than 150 million albums and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

In 2013, he was among the recipients at the Kennedy Center Honors.

There was by no means a cynical angle here and to say this is a backwards compliment, is not the truth nor was it the intention. And to my daughter Alexa, who has a wonderful friend in Alexis! Legendary Village Voice critic Robert Christgau derided him as “a force of nature and bad taste.” Today, at 65, Billy Joel is in the midst of an unprecedented residency at Madison Square Garden.His monthly shows gross him more than million each.However Elle Macpherson was also vying for his attention at the time In 'Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography,' the singer lays bare his history of suicide attempts, his tumultuous marriages — including one to supermodel Brinkley — and how he's now trying to keep his life together.Brinkley, who starred in Joel's music video for Uptown Girl, told Schurers that Whitney was telling him 'I can sing', while Macpherson 'draped herself on the piano like Michelle Pfeiffer [in The Fabulous Baker Boys].'The first time Brinkley went home with Joel, the child inside him from Hicksville, Long Island was screaming 'Yes', but when he saw Mcpherson inside, the other side of said: 'Even as part of me thought, "Oh, God, no," another part of me was going, "If my friends could see me now." ''She wasn’t like a lot of the other girls I knew at that time who had taken home ec and cooking classes,' he recounted.

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