Teen dating violence news

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Ann loved working behind the scenes in theater, but ventured into acting as a senior and was named Leon High's Thespian of the Year.WORCESTER - The before and after photos of celebrities examined by a group of Sullivan Middle School girls last week were striking."When I talk to adolescents, they may not recognize that what they're experiencing is dating violence," says Exner-Cortens."For a lot of them, it's their very first encounter in a romantic setting, so they may not know that it's not healthy.Maggie Nicholson, a team leader for community-based services at the YWCA, and Jennifer Daly from Girls Inc.led the seventh- and eighth-grade girls in a discussion about media portrayals of women and the pressure - even by doctoring images - to look a certain way.

It is funded by the United Way of Central Massachusetts' Women's Initiative.

Thirteen-year-old Nyliah Jones, a seventh-grader at Shue-Medill Middle School, holds up a anti-cyber bullying sign during the signing of a proclamation declaring it Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month at Shue-Medill Middle School Wednesday morning. The hope is to improve on national statistics that show one in three teens experience abuse in dating relationships and that two-thirds of them never report it.

While the Grosmaire and Mc Bride families have a poignant message of forgiveness and love to share, I cannot overlook that this story is also about teen dating violence.

The couple's friends, a former teacher and other acquaintances said there were no warning signs; they never saw this coming.

They weren't just good kids; Ann and Conor were leaders.

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