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May has on the other hand been cloudy with "nuisance" rain on several days.

We’ve had a few hundredths of an inch on several days this month giving the illusion of a wet month, but climatologically at least through the first 1/2 of the month, it’s just been an average to slightly below average month for rain, at least so far.

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If conditions don’t improve over the last two weeks of the month, this will be our 5th straight colder than average May.

Some of our recent Mays have just been lousy for lack of a better term.

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Granted, one thunderstorm will take care of that deficit, but until it does it has been drier, rather than wetter across most of the valley so far this year (yes, there are a few exceptions).Fargo/Moorhead is running about 4 degrees below average so far.As a matter of fact, we’ve been in somewhat of a "May jinx" in recent years. He returned our email promptly and put together a cohesive program from all the ideas we gave him.It will come to no surprise to anyone that the first half of May (through the 15th) was chilly.

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