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For me, obviously being straight, it's uncomfortable. And people have taken that out of context, turned it around and called me a homophobe and things like that.

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The star additionally said that using drugs negatively affected his daily life and work."Against the advise of others; I had to write this open letter. I am an alcoholic and a drug addict," Pyfrom wrote."And yesterday I celebrated five months of sobriety.I'm relatively new to being sober, considering the scope of time that I've been an addict. It's not one of those "Die Hard" action flicks where there's a mission that needs to be accomplished. I play a best friend, but it's more complicated than that. I think you have made him a very positive role model. The good thing about Andrew is that in Season 1 and 2 as a gay character, he was very strong and confident as to who he was. The show is on hiatus, but I did just finish shooting a film in Rhode Island. It's called "Tanner Hall." I am hoping to get in another movie while the strike is on. It's a story where they come into their own, realizing some things about themselves as the movie goes on. We have Chris Kattan and Amy Ferguson in it and that adds comedic bits. She believes something so different and he does everything to make sure to cause her stress. Andrew still has his manipulating ways, he just approaches it more maturely.

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