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Phil and Peggy took Louise over completely, excluding Lisa and hired a nanny, Joanne Ryan.

They told Joanne and their Mitchell relatives that Lisa was mentally unstable.

At Digital Spy we've been drawing up a list of suspiciously quiet East Enders you should keep a close eye on in 2017.

With the promise of some fresh, exciting plots in the pipeline, now is their chance to really show us what they're made of.

Her relationship with Phil, Louise's biological father, had been difficult and so she wanted to keep her daughter away from him.

Louise was named after Mark's grandmother, Lou Beale but Sharon Watts discovered that Phil was in fact Louise's father and told him, so he went after Lisa.

Yet there are a few residents who have been flying low under the Albert Square radar of late that could be about to have a big year.He was determined to get her and his daughter back.Phil and Lisa had an affair which ended when Mark found out, sending Lisa and Louise to live with Phil and his mother Peggy at The Queen Vic.There's nothing like a sexy, critically acclaimed movie to lift a pretty actress up from obscurity.You probably don't know Elizabeth Mitchell by name, but bet you'll remember her as Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover in HBO's model biopic (1998). this is what gratuitous dreams are made of, but let's hope she didn't end up with chain-link shaped bruises on her perfect bod.

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