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These intricate designs remind us that the Saxon Church owed its foundation to Celtic missionaries such as St Aidan. The cut-out section shows it was re-used as a door lintel in the 11th century Saxon church. The fragments from the medieval (pre-Norman (1066) preaching cross were identified by the local architect Charles Lyman and are Grade 11 listed. Stoke-on-Trent may be a nice variant for romantic dating because the town is a home for numerous wonderful places and attractions.The block fan design is of a style that was still popular when post-war fireplace production began again in earnest in the 1950s.

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Delivery Tiled fireplaces and hearths are bulky items that require specialist handling and transport.

Early 19th Century illustrations of Stoke Old Church show a stone-built structure which mostly dates from the 13th Century, with the addition of a 14th Century tower.

By the 1820's Stoke Church was no longer large enough to accommodate its growing congregation.

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