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About 1787, the French opened Mauritius and Bourbon to American ships, which then began to bring back coffee and tea to the Atlantic-coast cities. Mocha coffee was being imported direct in American bottoms about 1804. He has been five years president, eleven years treasurer, and twenty-six years on the board of governors of the New York Coffee Exchange. Several merchants in the New England and New York settlements imported small quantities of coffee with other foodstuffs toward the close of the seventeenth century.

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Stout, Jahva, Mokah, Creme Brulee, Imperial oat stout, Cuvee Series IPA, Pale Ale, Ruination Ipa, Oaked Aged Arragant Bastard, Levitation Ale, Arragant Bastard Ale, Smoked Porter, Cali- Belgique IPA, Sublimely Self - Righteous Ale SPECAIL RELEASES: Old Guardian, Imperial Russian Stout, Anniversary, Double Bastard Ale, Vertical Epic.

There are plenty of places in the Lehigh Valley to buy beer, many of which have been established for a lot longer then Abe’s Cold Beer. no one has more different beers available than Abe’s!

Even a few supermarkets are now trying to crack this market. We know that real beer lovers are always ready to try something new, so we stock the largest, and the best, selection from around the world.

She was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities this year. Another feature of the program will permit students who are not enrolled in college, but who have been accepted for admission, to work a maximum of 40 hours per week as full-time employees dur- ing the summer. Not only does he see new places each summer, but he works with new faces — pretty ones — and for this he's paid. Ruth Woodard, Rose- marie Wooley, Ya Donnie Love Wright, Patsy Nelva Yancey, Margaret Ann Yar- brough, Glenda June Young, Joe Alfred Young, and Mary V. Nursing Sue Adkins, Ginger Alessi, Carolyn Barney, Flora Behrnes, Elizabeth Ben- jamin, Lyndell Bezet, Peggy Clark Bind- rim, Sandra Boyd, Lola Braley, Bobbie Brittingham, Emme Sue Brode, Sheila Burleigh, Mattie Caldwell. Sara Chandler, La Nien Clark, Louise Cloutier, Mary Catherine Cole, Sally Cooper, Brenda David, Martha Dean, Phyllis De Rosia, Mary Pat Dow, Janet Du Cote, Sandra Ellzey, Martha Emmons, Tommye Jo Ensminger, Marjorie Floyd, Susan Forshag. A thorough knowledge of safety and driver education is only one of several points that should be stressed in order to prevent ac- cidents.

The seven ROTC cadets who re- ceived their commissions as second lieutenants in the U. Fulton feels that these funds will make it possible to raise all student pay » rates. At NSC this week he heads a staff of eight beauties (blondes, brunettes, and a redhead) and two other male instructors. Kathy Gaddis, Clara Gates, Camille Gennaro, Barbara Haley, Mary Touch- stone Harper, Judith Harville, Georgia STUDENTS Let us pamper your parents when they come to visit you. All drivers should possess a knowledge and understanding of the operation and maintenance of the mechanical devices made avail- able to him as well as a knowledge of his own personal limitations.

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